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Manor Homes has earned a community-based reputation for respecting homeowners as clients and friends.  During your partnership with Manor Homes, you’ll feel involved, appreciated and confident thanks to constant communication.

The attention doesn’t stop at the closing.  Manor Homes will make sure you’re happy with your home long after you’ve moved in.  Now that’s a commitment.

Ten-year structural warranty

Manor Homes provides customers with a ten-year structural warranty for a truly protected investment.  With a team of reliable and experienced craftsman, Manor Homes will design a home that is built to last, and fits your lifestyle. 


Constant communication

Manor Homes invites customers to consult with construction supervisors and sales counselors on numerous scheduled occasions throughout the homebuilding process and provide constant communication along the way, encouraging on-site visits. 

  • A pre-construction conference – to work through every detail
  • A walk-through with your construction supervisor prior to drywall
  • A walk-through with the service department prior to closing
  • A new home orientation – to familiarize you with every component of your home

Scheduled warranty service

To help ensure your satisfaction, we've established a comprehensive Warranty and Customer Care program designed to effectively service your home.

Workmanship and materials

Your new Manor home also has a one-year warranty for problems arising from workmanship and materials. This warranty begins on the day of closing.

11-month warranty review

A warranty review can be conducted for your home at the 11-month benchmark by submitting a list of concerns or questions for warranty items to be reviewed by our Customer Care Department.  Our Customer Care Department will contact you to schedule an appointment during normal weekday hours and we’ll work around your schedule as much as possible.

The 11-month review is designed to identify items needing attention and to schedule the appropriate trade contractor if needed.  In addition, the 11-month review provides an opportunity to ensure that deficiencies are identified and repaired prior to the end of the 1-year Warranty period.

We recommend that you maintain a list of any items requiring attention.  Our experience has shown that the vast majority of items needing repair are relatively minor in nature, and taking care of them at one time is much more efficient for everyone.

Product warranties

Many of the products in your new home carry separate or extended warranties. For information on the product warranties, refer to the owner’s manuals that have been provided. 

To ensure that all the owner manuals and warranty information are stored together in one convenient location, Manor Homes has provided a New Home Guide, making it easier to find and refer to if needed in the future.

Also included in the New Home Guide are important documents and information on general maintenance of your new Manor Home, to help maximize the return on your investment.

Interim service requests

Our 11-month warranty review should take care of any problem that arises with your home.  If a repair or service cannot wait for the next scheduled review, we ask that you submit a Homeowner Service Request through our Customer Care Department.

The service process

Taking care of your service needs is our business, and we want to make it easy for you to communicate those needs to us according to Manor Homes' service policies.

Before you move in

  • Manor Homes will contact you about doing an inspection of your home.

  • We will list any discrepancies we find in your home on the "owner's walk" inspection report.

  • We take this inspection seriously. In fact, it is against our policy to allow an owner to move into a home in which we have not listed all discrepancies on your "owner's walk" before the move-in.

  • The “owners walk” will be the only time that items of a cosmetic nature will be considered for correction.

  • The items we list on your "owner's walk" that require improvement will be handled, then you will be required to return within seven days for a "final walk."

  • The purpose of this inspection is to ensure that we have handled all the specific items we listed on the "owner's walk."

  • During your "owner's walk," it is very important that you inspect all surfaces (such as windows, tubs, sinks, counter tops, sliding glass doors, flooring, doors, etc.) to be sure they are free of damage, scratches, imperfections or any other irregular appearances.

  • Manor Homes cannot make adjustments to cosmetic items that do not appear on your "owner's walk" report.

After 60 days

  • After 60 days in your new home, please note any other discrepancies you find and send them to our main office or submit through the Homeowner Service Request Form

  • You will be contacted within 24 hours for scheduling within 30 days of receiving the service request.

  • Please follow the same procedure for your 11-month warranty review

Requests under warranty

  • After you move in, please submit all requests for warranty work in writing or through the Homeowner Service Request Form

  • Never call a request into the community model or make a verbal request in the field*.

  • Please send your written requests for warranty work to:

Manor Homes Main Office
Customer Care Department
15 Clairedan Drive
Powell, Ohio 43065

* The exception to this procedure is a service emergency.

Service emergencies

  • A service emergency involves the failure of any component in your home that, if not corrected, will cause immediate additional damage to the house (water leaks, electrical malfunctions, etc.).

  • Manor Homes will complete any service needs that are not essential to everyday living during your one-year warranty period.

Emergency contacts during normal business hours

In the unlikely event that an emergency situation arises, please call our Customer Care Department at (614) 841-1800 during normal business hours.

Emergency contacts after normal business hours

If the event should occur outside of normal business hours, please call the appropriate trade contractor directly. A list of emergency telephone numbers is provided below.


Call the appliance manufacturer directly (please refer to the New Home Guide for appropriate numbers).


Affordable Custom Electric
*Note: In the event of an electrical outage, please refer to your electrical panel to check if any breakers have been tripped, and if so, reset.

Heating and Air Conditioning



H & M Plumbing

If you need additional emergency assistance or are unable to contact the companies above, please call Manor Homes Customer Care at (614) 841-1800.

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